Website Design

Vebsite Design

Why have a website?

Unlike using social media your website is something you OWN! Your site is both the foundation of your web presence and the touchstone for references from everywhere else on the web.

You get to choose how it looks, what information represents your values, offers and brand. To the public, your website is your organization on the internet. All your other activities on the internet, those social media channels, are supplemental to your website.

Your website is also a vital reference for the search engines and listing services. Google, Bing and Yahoo! all give extras credit when someone searches for your products or services – if your website is popular! For listing services like Yelp!, Foursquare, TripAdvisor, etc. your website is represents your “place” on the internet – that extra bit more beyond having a physical address.

Here’s a short list of reason to have a website:

  • You are open for business all day (and every day)
  • Digital Marketing is inexpensive and reaches more audience
  • Identity and online presence
  • Extend your business beyond geographical borders
  • Keep your customers informed
  • Easy customer support
  • Branding

Emertia Marketing understand the importance of good website design. Our design services include a range of theme designs (see  Catalog). We can also develop custom designs based on your specific requirements including special interfaces for event planning, reservations, customer support, and ecommerce or anything else you might need. Our design and development projects (20-30 days) include:

  • Installation and Configuration
  • Graphic Design and Mockups
  • Content Uploading
  • Contact Forms
  • Footer Design and Optimization
  • SEO Plug-ins and Optimization
  • Website Backup, Migration and Installation

Pricing is based on the number of pages, the addition of “mobile responsive” features and special requirements such as ecommerce.

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