Mobile Websites


More Than a Phone!

Cell phones have become one of the most commonly used electronic devices. People don’t just use them to talk either, they play games, music, watch videos, email, text message and browse the internet. The key consideration about phone based browsing is that people who search for products and services via their phones are usually “ready to buy”!

This means that having  a “mobile friendly” website is important. If your site is “phone tiny” or your business number and location are hard to get to then people are likely to browse to another site… and you lose.

Emertia Marketing can get you up and running with a mobile website in short order. If we are building you a new website then choose a “responsive” theme, which automatically adapts to the device that is access the site (see responsive themes in the catalog). If you already have a website and want to be “mobile ready” we will create a separate site and install code on your current website to redirect to the mobile ready site if a mobile device lands on your site.

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