About Us

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Hi, I’m David M. O’Neill, proprietor of Emertia, LLC.

I’ve worked in a lot of companies from the shop floor to the boardroom and I know how hard it is to start up a business and keep it growing – especially now!

My experience in companies large and small has taught me that technology can be both crazy good – and crazy bad!

Knowing the what, when, where, why and how of using “new tools” is not clear or easy, no matter what size your business is, but you have to figure it out to stay competitive or better yet to dominate and grow.

You know getting and keeping customers is vital. All businesses need some combination of Money, Exposure and Traffic.

I started Emertia to help businesses leverage the right technologies at the right time.

Please call me for a free analysis of your web presence and advice on how to leverage the internet for your business.


Call for today for a consultation: (888) 499-4380